Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crafty ambitions...

Having had a few days rest through Christmas, my thoughts have once again turned to crafting, mainly how to coninue to develop my shop. I have a huge 'to do' list which includes; regularly blogging and remembering to take lots of photographs, updating flickr more often, adding extra details to my product descriptions on Etsy, making thank you cards, ordering supplies, taking photographs of my new gift packaging and making thank you cards to name but a few things.

When I find myself faced with such a list my mind tends to wander to somewhere where I feel entirely more relaxed..making things! Here is a new style of brooch that is soon to appear in my Etsy shop:

I'm loving teal at the minute! I also made a slightly larger version using navy and mustard fabric and felt.

These brooches will be on sale in my shop soon.

Now on with that list - eeek!


  1. Hi Beverley , what fab brooches love that colour too ! just had a peek at your shop hun ! lovely jewellery !
    Thought id leave a comment for fellow yorkshire crafty gal !

    maddy xxxxx

  2. Hi Maddy, thank you! I'm loving spending a bit of time over the holidays experimenting with new designs. It's always nice to meet fellow Yorkshire crafters!

    Beverley xx


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