Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabric necklaces

I’ve always loved fabric and combining my love of fabric with my love of jewellery. Last year I made a few fabric necklaces for various fairs I attended and they always went down really well with customers.

Look out for a new range of necklaces for Spring/Summer in my shop over the next few weeks.

Here’s a sneak preview:


A Cath Kidston shabby chic styleee necklace.

You like?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Custard Cream Cuteness

Since Laura (AKA Lupin @ Bugs and Fishes) blogged about this tin back in October last year, I’ve wanted one.  Although unsurprisingly they had sold out at every Marks and Spencer near us.

This Sunday we were at an Outlet Mall near us and lo and behold there they were. A huge stack of them going for £3 each! I showed mild restraint in only buying two, however I wish I had bought a couple more now as they’d make lovely birthday gifts.

So here it is: My tin, sans biscuits, which have already been eaten by my husband and my dad. Oh well, I’m perfectly happy with an empty tin that I can fill crafty gubbins and works in progress.


Just yummy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new work space!

Today is a good day, not only is the sun shining but I’ve finally managed to transfer all of my bits and bobs to my very own craft room/studio. It’s basically just our spare room but I think studio sounds much more professional. I’m over the moon with finally having a space to call my own.



All of the shelves are now organised and everything is in its place *sigh*



Now I’ve had a good sort out I’m thinking that I may have to begin a bit of a de-stash sale either in my Etsy shop or maybe even setting up another Etsy shop, depending on how much there is to sell.




There’s a space for my books and collection of pretty papers/card…..




All my threads are now colour coded into these boxes from Ikea. I’ve had these for years and years. I WISH they still sold them now! If anyone knows where I could get any I’d be most grateful if you’d let me know.




Here’s my current view from my desk (although I could sit the other way around and look out of the window too – such small things fill me with so much joy)



My lovely old sewing machine and a fantabulous poster of a photograph  that my dear Sister in Law took at Whitby and created her own vintage style railway poster.


Happy Days.


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