Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas, crafting and a jar of buttons...

Here goes my first blog... Having finally managed to create a Google account I am very excited to be part of the Blogging world!

Chrismas seems to have crept up on me a little too quickly this year. Thanks to my long suffering other half we now have a beautiful Christmas tree! Dug up with his own fair hands at a fab little Nursery in Ricall. I love decorating the tree, carefully unwrapping all the baubles and wondering how I managed to be so organised when putting them away last year, deciding which little trinket should go where and clipping my gorgeous jewelled robins on the ends of branches. So here it is, my tree in all it's multicoloured glory:

And after 'borrowing' some foliage from my darling mothers garden and Lisa @ Lisa's Florist kindly making a moss ring, we (my dear OH and I) made a wreath:

And now to a more pressing matter, crafting! Specifically the jar of buttons i've had sitting in my dresser for ages; So this morning, in a flash of inspiration I decided to turn them into button brooches filled with a mix of colours, shapes and sizes. I'm planning on doing some more exciting things with this technique but I shall keep it a close guarded secret for now:

And here's the finished brooch, although I like yellow, a lot, I'm going to try out some other colours for the background....

Phew, that was a long and rather photo ladened first post. Now...on with my much neglected housework.

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