Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finished baubles and a fun tutorial

After my bauble tutorial I went on to make lots of the little lovelies. I adore them (it's ok to say you adore your own work right?) and I am tempted to save a couple for my own tree.

 They've now taken their place in my ornaments basket ready for the next fair!

Being a 'maker', especially at Christmas, I never seem to get around to my own crafts, just for me and my house. I've got so many ideas for home decorations but the closest I've got to realising any of those ideas this week was beginning to paint our dining chairs with my lovely man. Here's how they're looking so far;

I LOVE the colour against the colour of my ruby red dresser, I'm a firm believer in colour as therapy and this is all the therapy I need; one pretty turquoise chair. I'll get around to painting the rest later.

My blog title also promised a fun tutorial. This time it's not one of mine but a cute, quick make by Lupin over at her much loved blog Bugs and Fishes. Such a simple idea but so effective! I just had to have a go!

Must dash, got a huge WIP box to attend to, and I simply must find time to play in the snow. xx

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