Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy crafty days...

Being a Teacher is hard. Being a Supply Teacher is arguably even harder. I've done both, supply is my title at the minute as it allows me to fit in time to work on my little business. Waiting for the phone to ring is always tense, sitting in my work clothes and wondering what the day will bring; day stepping into the unknown or day snuggled up on the sofa crafting. I know which i'd choose but I also know which one pays the bills!

Due to the snowy snow this past week the majority of the schools were closed so there was plenty of time to make my coffee table look like this:

and experiment with my newly aquired Cath Kidston fabric and make this:

Still unsure about the folds and trying to get them more 'even' but for the time being I shall be wearing this brooch on my coat as I can't bring myself to put it in the drawer, unloved and alone (gosh I'm sad)

I've also spent quite a lot of time stitching together these little button brooches that I've now listed over in my shop (watch this space for more styles in the near future)

Ruby Reloved <3

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