Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Button bauble tutorial

Long time away from the blog and one wedding later, I'm back and feeling very Christmassy all of a sudden. Thought I'd share this cute button bauble tutorial.

You will need:
Felt - any colour of your choice
Ribbon - small scraps that need to be used up are perfect for this make
Buttons - various shapes and sizes

1. Begin by cuttng 2 felt circles in a colour of your choice, I simply used a glass to draw around.

2. Choosing the buttons is by far my favourite part of this make. I opted to go for non-traditional Christmas colours for this bauble

3. Stitch your buttons onto your top circle only. You can either leave a space between your buttons or overlap them as I have done. I personally prefer to overlap the buttons for a 'bursting with buttons' effect.

Keep overlapping the buttons....

Until you have a completed buttoned circle

4. When you have stitched your buttons on, choose a piece of ribbon to make a loop with and sew it onto the back of the buttoned front circle.  ETA: I would usually do this first before attatching my buttons but it's ok to do it afterwards too, I was just giddy to get started!

5. Now place the back circle of felt in place and use a pin to secure to the front. Use either a whip stitch or a blanket stitch.

Leave about an inch before you complete the circle, remove the pin and stuff with wadding/stuffing/felt scraps/old shredded tights (washed of course)

6. Finish off your stitching, et voila! A beautiful button bauble.

  • Add matching/contrasting ribbon to the back of your bauble.
  • Create different shapes such as Christmas trees or even bells.
  • Use ribbons and buttons combined on the front of the bauble.
The possibilties are endless and I hope you enjoy this making these pretty baubles.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. so lovely to see you back! thanks for the tutorial..I just got a big bag of coloured buttons yesterday and wanted to do something christmassy with them...looks like I will be making some of these..

  2. Yay! Thank you. They're really fun to make! x

  3. Such a sweet idea! They look like so much fun!


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